Help on this steel 10 line face?

Can anyone help with identification of this 120pt steel or iron font?

Thank you!

Mike Moore
LetterKraft Press

image: IMG_0953.JPG


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Just kidding!

Mike, I have that font in wood. It was manufactured by W H Page & CO.

Hope that helps.


The face is Gothic Tuscan Condensed.

It may be surprise to some, but wood type fonts were often used as the “mold” to make sand-cast fonts in iron. These were commonly used by manufacturers of flour sacks and other textured-surfaced materials that needed to be printed.

Lead and wood type would wear down much too quickly on these rough surfaces, so they resorted to making iron type. I have a few fonts of iron type in my own collection. Not too badly done, but not made with the same precision as the original type.


Surprised it would be considered “condensed”!

Thanks for the info. Peter I owe you a galley!