Letterpress Font Identification

I have number cards that were designed to slide in and out of slotted boards that are part of a vintage Sunday School attendance chart. The numbers tracked each Sundays attendance and offering amounts so were changed out every week. I need help to find out what font was used to print the cards. I have uploaded a scan of the originals that still exist. This sign is being restored so any information would be very much appreciated.

image: SSnumberspspdf.jpg


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These were NOT printed with a letterpress font.


What size are the black cards the numerals are on, and how many of each numeral do you need? I can’t print them but there may be someone on this site who has a set of reverse wood type numerals who could print them. In all likelihood, as Rick said, they wouldn’t be the exact font, but I suspect you could live with a slight variation in style.

It is possible, however, that the manufacturer of the Sunday School chart had special engravings made for the numerals, and that they were printed by letterpress. If I had one of them in my hand, I could tell with a magnifying glass if they were letterpress or offset.

In most type fonts, each character has its own distinct width. Your characters appear to all have the same width, like those on an old style typewriter. This characteristic alone makes it unlikely that they were a specific type font.