putting an old foot treadle on a new style C&P

I have a 8x12 new style C&P with a crank shaft and I want to put a foot treadle on it, I was looking at the ones at Hern Iron Works and there is a straight one that says New and Old style, but the hour glass shaped one is so much more beautiful but says it is for old style. Does anyone know if it will still fit if i put it on my press?

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If I remember correctly, the treadles attach to each press differently. The Old Series has a one piece loop connector which the shaft has to pass through while the New Series has extra pieces the fit on top and beneath the shaft with a bolt to hold it secure. Perhaps some one else can add to this.

I have a new style 8 x12 C&P. dated from 1915. It has a simple hook that goes from the treadle to the shaft. The most important question is - does the shaft have the bend in it to accept the treadle or is it straight. Some how this sounds strangely pornographic.

Foothillpress is correct. The Old Style treadle doesn’t have a removable bottom plate where it connects to the back shaft of the press. The connection to the drive shaft of the press is the same on both… a simple hook as noted above by Steve.


So I will be unable to attach an old style treadle on the back connector is what I’m getting. Thanks for the input everyone, good thing I asked before I bought the old style and found out it wouldn’t fit. Unless someone knows of a way to attach an old style treadle to the new style.
Thanks everyone

A simple J shaped hook like one of the old series presses will probably work fine on a new series press. But I believe the shank of the new series presses J hook needs to be longer by an inch or two. I have an old series 8x12 and a 10x15 new series at the local university, both using treadles with a J style hook. I recall Hern mentioning the difference in length of the J hook on their web site.
You’ll also need to determine the diameter of the shaft at the bed hinge is the same in both old series and new series press as that could affect mounting the treadle. If you need, I can measure on my old series and you can compare.

Interesting note about the length of the J hooks. I have an OS 7 x 11 and an 8 x 12. The hook for the 8 x 12 is slightly shorter than for a 7 x 11. And I assume the 10 x 15 and up are longer. Someone has stated on this site that they are easily made. I don’t question that but you sure better get measurements. John Horn helped me and another reader out on that a while back.

Thanks guys, I dont doubt I can make one, but I was curious because the hour glass shapped old style ones are just so beautiful I would love to have one on the press. If Arie or anyone else would measure the back bed hinge of an old style 8x12 that would be much appreciated.
Thanks again!

The shaft is 3/4” in diameter and the back of the treadle is 10 1/2” wide on the old style 8x12 press.