Heidelberg repair question

Greetings. Recently, I was experimenting with a hot foil unit on my 10x15 and through sheer brilliance on my part, ending up with a bent T2005 frisket lever. It does not appear anything else is damaged, but this lever is not sitting properly behind the flywheel and is obviously bent up by the chase.

I found a replacement part at Whittenburg. Was wondering if anyone here has had experience replacing this particular lever and wouldn’t mind providing advice or watch outs.

Thanks in advance.

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I bent the frisket holder, t2001 i believe, because I had my foil holder over too far. If the part is available, I’d say just take your bent one off the press and try and bend it back. If you fix it, great! If you break it then you’re no worse off than you are now.

Just make sure your guides are still moving freely.