Fade resistant paper

Does anyone have any good recommendations for quality colored paper that doesn’t fade in sun exposure, or at least, not quickly? I typically print on Lettra or French paper and I don’t think French’s speckletone/etc hold up that well. I was considering Strathmore Cotton (Chino/Smoke) but have no experience printing on it and don’t want to risk buying a case without confirmation.

Anyone have any better recommendations?



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It would be very hard to produce a colored sheet of paper that would not be capable of fading in sunlight. The process uses dyes that are very susceptible to it. Even a dark grey or black will fade. Reds and yellows are even more effected by sunlight.
You can call the paper company and see what they spec on fade for each type and color of paper.

You can also ask for a sample from the supplier and run your own test.

Inks used on the cover of National Geographic Magazine use to have to pass a 24 hour fade test before they could be used on the press. Very special pigments indeed.


I assumed as much, but figured it was worth asking nonetheless… cheers!


Possible to coat it with UV after you have printed them. Maybe a spray? Do they make such a spray?
Just some thoughts….