Starting out - how to get into the craft as a way of life?

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this site and very excited about asking some questions. I wanted to know if it was possible (this day and age) to be able to completely devote oneself as a print shop apprentice and have someone take you in?

I’ve been a graphic/package designer for many years, I have intense formal training in typography, layout and composition, but I’m growing tired of the purely digital world and want to immerse myself in the craft of letterpress printing.

I’m willing to work for little or nothing to start out, I really need a Master who is willing to teach and mold someone who is looking to stay with the print house for a long while. I’m a fast learner, a super hard worker and want this not just to be another job, but in essence a new life for me.

I’m not made of money by any means, but I’m will to sacrifice luxury for knowledge and want to become part of a team and printer’s family.

I know time is money and I understand if this seems like an odd question, but would this be possible for me to achieve? I’m not looking into letterpress printing as just a hobby. I really would love someone to take me under their wing and make the best printer they can make out of me :)

Thanks to everyone in advice for your comments and advice on this matter!

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It would be most helpful —- when posting a request —- to let everyone know WHERE you are
located—————————————I’ve had several apprentices over the years —- some turned to the
trade as a profession —- some as a hobby —- some just as “a learning experience”.

Hi William… sorry about that.
I live in Astoria, NY right at the start of Queens :)

Hi Diane

Ha! You sound like the perfect apprentice!!! I’ve had a few of those.

Wish you the best of luck and hopefully someone will take you in. Lot of letterpress printers out your way.