Change font color of initials

Is it possible to change the font color of the initials posted on Briar Press?

image: Fancy N Font 11c1f565d43831d1264e66635b421d01.jpg

Fancy N Font 11c1f565d43831d1264e66635b421d01.jpg

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You should be able to do this with even the most basic image editing programme, but if you are just dropping the raw image file (jpeg in this case) into a word document, the answer is “No”. You would need to open the file in an image editing programme, change the colour and re-save it as a new file with a different name before adding it to your document.

Most folks who read this list would just change the color of ink on the press after a single color plate was made.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Thank you InkSprite and John Henry for your responses. Since I don’t have a press, I will try to edit the image. I appreciate your help!

You can change the color with image editing software like Adobe Illustrator.

Thank you, Sharecropper Press! Since I don’t have that software, I think I will just have it pressed—it will look much nicer.