Thoughts on acquiring this C&P 10x15 Press

Hello! I’m relatively new to this forum but I see a lot of experienced members here and would like get some feedback. I came across this C&P NS 10x15 Press online and am thinking of purchasing it but would like to get some input on what I should be looking for/asking about to make sure this press is a good investment.

Background: This press has been used for mainly printing, some die cutting. The owner will be providing me 2 rollers plus chases, it is motorized with no treadle and the belt is attached. It’s located in a garage on a pallet so it’s easily accessible.

The press is in working condition except he mentioned there’s a small crack on the ink disk that can be “easily fixable”. I’ve tried to search everywhere on the internet how one would fix a disk crack but can’t seem to find any information. Would someone know if this is at all possible?

I’ve been provided videos of the press working so I don’t think there are any other issues with this. However, I’ve read some warnings online stating heavy die cutting can actually ruin these presses.. Is this something I should be concerned about? The owner is willing to sell this for $600 so I’m leaning towards closing the deal but would love to get any other insight on other questions I should ask before I commit!

image: Capture.JPG


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Do you have a picture of the damage?

I can’t imagine how you could crack one, also i am struggling to imagine how this would be an easy fix.

To answer you question yes die cutting can ruin the press.

Look for deep scoring, in the metal and also check for slop in the platen.

The most obvious way the ink disc could get cracked would be if pressure had been applied to one side while it was mounted, which would try to bend the disc relative to the axle on which it spins. If so the crack would probably be semi-circular around the center of the disc. If so, spin the disc in its socket and watch the edge closely — it will probably wobble. If that happens you would need a replacement ink disc — probably not too hard to find. If no wobble but there is a crack it might be repaired with super-strength epoxy or forge brazing, followed by surfacing to smooth the inking surface.