Paper Duplexing

We are moving into duplexing and have some questions about stocks. I was wondering if a felt finish works better or worse due to the finish can trap glue. I can see it as both a bad thing and or a good one. Any pointers you have we will take, anything to keep our efforts out of the landfill.

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you will have this nailed in no time.
You will need to adjust the glue layer based on the papers finish.
A smooth, hard stock will accept a thinner glue layer than a felt or stock with more texture.
Experimentation with your new machine is the only way to know for sure. The top setbacks for gluing are stock delaminating and curl.
Gluing sheets of different weights or finish will want to curl due to different moisture (absorption & drying) linear expansion rates of the stock.
Run out a sheet of stock and look at the glue coat. Always use as little glue as needed. Over gluing can lead to glue oozing out the sides of your sheets and ruin jobs.
Glue open-time is another thing that you will want to know. If your glue has a long open time or is applied to thick it will be a problem keeping sheets registered.
If the stock has a deep texture you may need a lot more glue to fill-in low areas.
Have you got your glue yet?
I have no doubt you will get up to speed quickly. Do a little experimenting and let us know your progress.
All the best. Jon/Mpls

Thanks for the feed back. We have done a few tests and are laying out a way to square the sheets. I have a cold laminating roller coming in for smoothing. We bought some flat 8 inch wide aluminum plate stock to use in our paddy wagon clamps which is for the final drying step. This looks like it will be fun and a pain in the a_ _ at the same time. I can’t wait to see what new and unique products we can create.

a few weeks ago you mentioned that you were going to try the
Glu Fast GF#878U glue in your new gluing machine.
I have never tried that glue but am very interested in how it works for you.
I have used the PVA white (cold) glues in my small Pot Devin machines and the cleanup is not fun. It is a 20+ minute operation requiring an oversized sink and when I am taking the machine off-site it can be very limiting.
My hope is that using Glu Fast GF#878U I could get by with a quick cleaning and then followup cleaning the next day without major problems.
Any thoughts on that?
Feel free to call me off-line

We did a quick test. The glue seemed to work fine. It cleaned up fast with warm water. I dumped out the glue and put warm water in the tray and ran it , refill, repeat, done. We are plannning on using a tray under the rollers for cleanup with a drain hole in it. We have a long water line attached to the sink and can run water over the machine as it runs which should drop of ino a bucket as the glue thins. Our smoother is due in today. We are setting up a true production line for it and plan or testing it again soon. Dont laugh but I attached a piece of reinforceing bar stock to the edge of my 35 year old cutter table and created a great way to square the sheets. When I get a better idea I will post the feedback