Time has come to close down my School of Letterpress Printing, here in Rockley, NSW. Australia as a ‘continuing operation’. Time to start “smelling the roses” as they say. However in saying that, I will accept the rare special student who is interested in the complete trade operation, this student, if found sincere and capable will have the first opportunity to bid on my complete operation and its removal. All details on my current website, regarding letterpress printing are now out of date and do not apply from this date. www.willamer.com.au Communication can be made direct on [email protected], accompanied by a comprehensive resume and contact details. I take this opportunity to thank the many students who took my courses and wish them well for their futures. William Amer

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Hi William

Congratulations on your retirement, and thanks for your tuition in back in 2011. It helped open a whole new world.

The Distillery

Thank you Nathan. It was easy enough to know something big was to come out of your time here at Rockley. Carry on the great work, yourself and with your crew. Will make a point of visiting The Distillery when in Sydney. Will and Trish

Sad news! This was a very good school, thanks for everything William. I wish you the best!