Need Assistance in Typeface Identification

I am at a loss to identify this typeface, Only have caps to show.

image: 88888.jpg


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ATF offered this face in two weights——Kaufmann Script was the light version and the bold was simply called
Kaufmann Bold. Designed by Max R. Kaufmann and
brought out in 1936 in sizes 10-96 point. Monotype had
their own version called Swing Bold in sizes 14-72 point.

Thank you! This is a 60 point in the photo.

I have ATF Kaufmann and Monotype Swing however per my
notes they cannot be mixed. That being said is your font Monotype or ATF hard foundry type? I’ve never seen a Monotype style like this larger than 36 points.

Kaufmann Bold and Swing Bold cannot be mixed because they are different designs. Swing was Monotype’s “version” of Kaufmann Bold. It was designed to have the same “feel” or “flavor” as Kaufmann Bold, but it is not an exact copy.

They both just scream the 1930s.

The font pictured is ATF’s Kaufmann Bold.


Rick: I tried to buy a Kaufmann font on Ebay last month but got out bid big time! So it may be a 1930 circa font but our letterpress friends still love it like I do. I mentioned no larger type size on a Monotype than 36 points for Swing. However M&H Type in San Francisco offers 48 point Swing cast on their Thompson Casters.

I have in stock new ATF fonts of Kaufmann Bold in sizes 12 through 48 point—lots of 12 and 18, good quantity of 24, some 30 pt, and a limited amount of 48 pt. No Kaufmann Script. And right after the Kaufmann on the shelves is Liberty, another ATF face. Then there’s the new Huxley right before the Kaufmann. Check with me first before buying used type on eBay on standard ATF faces still in production when the foundry shut down in 1993.

Fritz1: I did not know you are NA Graphics. Stupid me… I ordered large sheets of tympan and red pressboard from you a few months ago and I am very pleased with what you did for me. I used my 18 inch Imperial cutter to chop ‘em up to fit my four Kelseys, two Baltimores, one Sigwalt and my Chandler & Price 10x15 - yes I’m a letterpress nut. The presses look really great with new tympan and pressboard. I only print on my 6x10 Kelsey and the C&P - the others are for “looks” - but all are operational with new rollers and such.