Looking to buy my first press


After harboring a longtime love for letterpress, I’ve decided to take the leap and buy my own press. I currently have my eye on a Craftsmen 6.5 x 10 press that appears to be in good condition. The seller said it’s an Imperial, but my research and the size of the chase leads me to believe it’s actually a Superior.

I am a complete novice when it comes to buying a press, and I wanted to see if you folks were able to advise me on the condition of the press. Do you see anything from the photographs that is cause for concern? Any missing parts? For what it’s worth, the seller does not believe there are, and said the press is in working condition.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!

image: 00101_jHuG8psWVxK_600x450.jpg


image: 00y0y_kgict0dP711_600x450.jpg


image: 00P0P_iSPa4FoATUK_600x450.jpg


image: 00a0a_7ye9ZFyCCgO_1200x900.jpg


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