Information on Stevens Press

I bought this press at a yard sale recently, and would love to make it operational again. I am brand new to printing presses, but have a passion for old machinery of any type. (no pun intended). I can’t seem to find any information about the press.
I does look similar to a Goulding. I would greatly appreciate any information you could supply. (i know it is broken, but have machine shop capabilities) (am actually hoping some one some where might have the part I need)


image: DSC01942.JPG


image: DSC01946.JPG


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I would suggest reaching out to Paul Aken at the Platen Press Museum.

I would be very surprised if he does not have one, and even more surprised if he could not give you any information.
3051 Sheridan Rd.
Zion, IL 60099

Hello rmiller021:

Thanks for your suggestion. I will give him a call.

Mr Moose

Stevens Type and Press was a Boston dealer in the early 20th century. I don’t believe they made presses, just sold the goods of other makers of machines, type and supplies. Yours may very well be a Golding.


Thanks “The Arm NYC” for your help. I have been talking with Paul Aken at the Platen Press museum, and he said that Sigwald made basically a Golding knockoff . They didn’t put any markings on it, which matches with my press. That also explains why I couldn’t find any information on a Stevens press.


(That’s Sigwalt, not Sigwald) sorry this is all new to me.