Quick Foil 1500

Does anyone have a Quick Foil 1500 for a Heidelberg Windmill? I’m looking at purchasing one and have a few questions.

1) Did this piece of equipment come with different size sprockets that could be changed out?

2) Does the size of the sprocket allow you to change the amount of foil that is pulled on each impression?

3) How is the chain attached to the arms of the press? The one I’m looking at has a spring and some wire. Is there a more appropriate way to attach the chain to the arm?

If anyone has contact information for someone who owns a Quick Foil 1500 or is able to send photographs of the equipment with the original pieces, that would be super helpful.

Thanks so much!

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I bought one about 20 years ago and it’s still in operation. I also still have the video that came with it. I could mail it to you. It shows how to hook it up. Yes, it comes with 2 size sprockets for different pull lengths.