Impression Screw Nut size?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to get my 10x15 C&P New style up and running. The next step is adjusting the press bed, and as this press was used mainly for die cutting by the last owner, I’m hoping to spend some time getting it nicely calibrated for type printing.

After piecing the press back together bit by bit, I realized that I am missing two of the secondary (furthest away from the press bed) impression screw nuts used to adjust the bed. I took one of my existing secondary nuts to every hardware store in my town, even Grainger, and they have all given me a 5/8”-11 measurement for the nut size. Upon bringing this size back to the press, I realize time and time again that this is either not the correct nut size, or I am not able to thread the new nuts onto the old bolts for some reason.

I’m eager to hear if anyone has experience replacing these nuts with new ones and if the sizing is off, or if the sizing is correct and I need to work a little harder to get the new nuts threaded.

Thanks so much for any and all info,

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You appear to have the best *bar none* source of info at the flick of the mouse.?
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Look them up they will give 100% good info how to determine which size is relevant to Your Machine and which is Not and how to determine precisely if You have *Wrong Fonts* of any size = T.P.I. (threads per inch) Angle, Pitch, etc., etc. You may even be lucky enough to receive a Complimentary Pitch gauge set.

The C.&.P. must be alive with with Bolts & NUTS, that can be *borrowed* and replaced, for experimental and ascertainment purposes.???

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Some presses have bolts which have right-hand threads at one end and left-hand threads on the other, perhaps your nits are not the correct thread direction, even if they are the correct thread count and size.

Double post

I think the nut is an obsolete thread, pre-SAE standards, unknown by hardware store staff. Something like 5/8-12?
NA Graphics sells replacement C&P bolts, but I don’t know if they sell the nuts individually. Fritz will know.

The nut comes with the bolt and is not available separately. And they are unique threads. A competent, old-time machinist can probably duplicate this but from the bolt, not one of the nuts.

A long time ago, my Challenge-Gordon needed a new impression bolt. My grandfather was a blacksmith-machinist but didn’t feel up to the task, so he farmed it out to the best machinist in his area.
He got the thread wrong. The original nut would start but would bind once it was fully onto the new bolt.
When these presses were made, there was even an 11-1/2 thread (I could show the gauge), which could confuse any modern machinist.