Windmill no impression

Hi, I have a 2nd Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 and just got it cleaned up and ready to print. But once set up for printing, everything works great BUT there is almost no impression. The Impression lever works. I started at 0 on the lever, worked up to way past 4, all the way the lower knurled wheel can go. At that point there is barely a kiss. I’m using standard boxcar base, kf95 polymer plates, and same packing as I use on other windmill. I can get the amount of impression I want on my other 10x15 windmill at about 1.5 on the impression lever. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!- Kathryn

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not sure if it is the case but type height differs if it is a heidelberg made for european market i believe there is a N stamped after the serial number. or if the press was made for us market.

If the Press is New *To You* is it possible that the (safety) >Shear Collar< low down at the back of the base of the Mc. is in fact O.K. or was it Popped/Sheared before you obtained the Machine. Plenty to be found on B.P. and the online manual, i.e. big sturdy disc at rear/base 4 retaining bolts and one centre bolt acting on the actual Shear/Collar.!

Thanks Mick the Caster. I’ll look there. I see it in the manual. Appreciate the help.

Check the shear collar.

Hopefully it’s the shear collar and not something else fouled up internally