Vandercook SP-15 motor overheating?

Our SP-15 has been overheating after running about 2-2.5 hours (the drum stops spinning but the light still turns on and off with the switch, and the hood feels warmer than normal) and works again after a period of cool down. We added motor oil, and it’s still happening. I’m not sure what else to try/check.

We recently moved the press to a new studio, and this issue came up right after, so I’m wondering whether that is a coincidence, or somehow related. The press was in our home studio previously, and is now in an industrial space (uneven concrete floors, no A/C). Or could something have happened in transit I should check for?

Worst case, does anyone know someone I can call to come look at the press/motor? We’re based in Columbus OH.

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Hooked up to the correct and original >Phase< arrangement, possibly.??? OR maybe the wrong phase(s) arrangement, Or bounced around in transit and a Lead, Link, or Connector dropped off, in the bowels of the switch-gear.!


Keep in mind that (generally) the Vandercook was never intended as a continuous Production Press, more a High quality Proof Press,? if you are obliged to work in a Hot (no Air Con) environment, as a means to an end, have a floor standing pedestal *Fan* keeping the Electrics & The operator cool, possibly.!

A couple suggestions for you:

1. Check to make certain the press is now level. Since the machine has a belt drive, this may not seem critical, but if the frame is trying to twist, the bearings on the drum may not line up well, and could be causing some resistance.

2. Make certain the press is well lubed. This includes the lubrication of the worm follower inside the ink distributor. It also may not be significant, but at all adds up to greater resistance to make the motor work harder.

3. As mick suggested, check the actual voltage either at the wall socket, or at the leads connection to the motor. If the voltage is low, that can make the motor work harder, and overheat.

4. Post your problem on the Vanderblog website:

where there are other users of the SP-15 who may have experienced the same problem. I currently have a UNI -III, so I’m just making some practical suggestions, but not from particular experience.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

J.H. Thank You for the little *Nod*
Is it worth suggesting to the original enquirer, that there may be an electrical Legend/Schematic, under or behind the Main Control box/Panel, which IF SO may obviate the need for a specialist Engineer, initially.
i.e. a local sparks with a multi meter - tester, (with reference to the Schematic,s) could prove or disprove continuity etc. and then (possibly) call in the High Tech Boys, or as suggested refer to the Vanderblog site, with findings thus far.

Virtually the same problem was posted on B.P. a few months since, we believe. ?

anyone checked the drum cylinder bearings condition and lubrication?????
Would have been nice if these were fitted with a pressurised lubrication system….

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your suggestions! it seems like we have some bad bushing and that could be causing the motor to overwork. I’m going to replace the bushing on both sides and the belt, and let you know how it goes.