What are these brass blocks?

A good evening to all.
A print shop closed down and I was able to get these brass letter and number blocks, and alot of lead ingots. Any ideas appreciated, as they don’t look like normal printing blocks.

image: CAM01912.jpg


image: CAM01913.jpg


image: CAM01916.jpg


image: CAM01918.jpg


image: CAM01923.jpg


image: CAM01926.jpg


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They are matrices for casting type.

Specifically, for the Ludlow Typograph.

Thanks guys, interesting. I watched a couple youtube videos for the Ludlow Typograph and now understand the process. Any interest in these matrices, or should I just scrap them for brass (nothing on ebay).

Also, does any body collect large or small lead ingots. Some have makers marks and are pretty cool looking, with different shapes and designs .

The large set of advertising figures is worth saving; 6 is also 9, so that is a complete font. These are bought and sold on eBay regularly.

Looks like you have some stars or figures. Hard to tell from the pictures. These are worth saving as well.