Totally Awesome cleaner

Has anyone ever used Totally Awesome concentrated all purpose cleaner for cleaning up ink? It’s the stuff that you can get for a dollar at Dollar General. It works amazingly well, seems to be both a solvent and a degreaser at the same time, has greatly reduced my clean-up time, which leads me to believe that it might be super bad for us to breathe? I wouldn’t use this on rollers, just talking ink slabs here. I can’t find any information about it online, and I guess cleaning products don’t have to list ingredients, although it does say on the bottle that it contains 2-butoxy ethanol which I have found conflicting information on as to how bad it is for us. Also throwing out rags, so wondering how bad it is for the environment. Thanks for anything you can offer.

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I’ve never heard of this stuff. I wonder how it reacts to copper or magnesium screened engravings. It’s always a big chore cleaning screened engravings.