running water based ink on a windmill

I’m hoping to find some advice here; I’m running a job year around on one of my windmills. It requires a water based ink for one of the colors. I’m seeing some spotting on the chrome cylinders, but overall they are holding up pretty well. The real problem is on the fountain roll, which is bare metal. I have to use Putz Pomade to keep it clean, which is quite a job. Is there a coating I can apply that will condition/protect that roll?

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There are several treatments against rust. This one protects from rust up to a year:
But I don’t know if it will affect or interact with the ink.
Maybe people in flexo will know more. I’m not aware any of the heidelbergs rollers are chromed, but chrome is what ultimately is used to protect from corrosion in flexo and gravure.

I am thinking a silicone spray might stop that, but would the ink then actually distribute around the roller——I use something called Dinitrol to add a near permanent coating to bare metal on a proofing press, virtually a “clearcoat” that car restorers use?

bppayne, jonathanjeclipse has some good advice, I would also recommend after cleanup a blast of compressed air
or a fan to thoroughly dry out the fountain and roll. Then an air barrier like light weight oil or Vaseline over night on them as well. I am confused about your water based ink?
The ink vehicle is emulsified water? best james

I have not been here with water based ink and the Heidelberg.
With the Multigraph offset press years ago a coating of Gum Arabic was applied to the water roller. The same stuff was applied to the offset plate after use to keep the air out.
The Gum Arabic is soluble in water. I can’t tell you if it should be washed from the roller before printing, or allowed to come off while printing.