Problem with form rollers ASBERN

Hello !
I work for a workshop in paris and we have a printing press, an Asbern (model AD-1 and PI-1). When we bought it, the two form rollers were missing and the two steel distribution rollers too.
We replaced the form rollers but not from an Asbern.. So when we put the ink it doesn’t distribute itself well on the rollers and the printing is bad..

And we’d like to find real rollers for the press to work. Does anyone know where we can buy rollers and steel distribution rollers ? If anyone can help us it would be great.
Thank you !

image: IMG_0121.jpg


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Hi, we have this Asbern. I’d be happy to send you dimensions or anything you need to make replacements.

image: 13495048005_e35fa7c68a_o.jpg


Thank You, it would be great !!

There are several Astern presses here in the Netherlands and Belgium that I know of. Post your request on the website of Drukwerk in de Marge to reach European printers with the same model. You could maybe arrange a trip to see the press, take your dimensions (diameter cores, and rollers, width of rollers) etc.