Kluge Feeder Timing Setup

Hi All,
I need help setting up my automatic feeder. Something happened that it is out of time. I need expert help in setting up the cams.

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Package Products, Do you have a manual/, it should go over sheet release timing. Every job is different based
upon sheet size and release point. I inch the press to the guage pins or to the steel band pins and adjust the cams up at the top of the feeder, there is an adjustment screw there for the cams. best james

Hi James,
I Thanks for your reply. The manual doesn’t explain that part just setting up the release etc.etc. There are 2 rods on the far side of the press that have threads on each end. I have been playing with them and noticing position changes in the pick up arm.There must be directions for setting the pick up arm to start with and then fine adjustments can be made. I would be happy to purchase a manual if it explains the set up. It really looks like someone heated the pick up arm and bent it tighter for some reason. I can see a heat mark on it and hammer marks also. I live in New Jersey and would love to visit someone who is running a Kluge to observe the positions of the arm and cams. I would love to get the feeder working properly.
The pick up suckers don’t go all the way up to the Magazine, and I’m thinking if the trying to bend the arm a little straighter and that would bring it up closer to the magazine pick up position. Any additional help would be appreciated.

Package Products, Girl with a Kluge here at bp.
would be a good resource, I use to have the pile low with a lot
of blast, and give the gripper arm plenty of pick up room.
So the arm on your press has trauma, so re-bending it would
make it weaker or brake, it’s cast pot metal. Look for a replacement arm. Michael Carbonne was out your way he might have passed on. Also if I remember right Irvin Machinery was in NJ.best james

Hey James, Thanks again for your response. I’m thinking I may call Kluge and bite the bullet and get a Kluge guy to check it out. I just measured the bend in the pick up arm and is 40*
I don’t know what the original bend should be. I do have a supplier who runs a Kluge, I may pay him a visit, to check out his machine. I’ll check out Michael and Irvin Machinery. So thanks again, have a great day !!!
Regards, Ken