New printer checking in

I picked up what I think is a Sigwalt No. 10. It has 2 rollers, but I made a new holder for one. It looks to be 3x4. It came with 4 sets of type, including Fractur (!) I messed up and took the stack of paper (tympan) off the platen. It printed well before I did that, now it gives an uneven impression. I need to learn how to set the gauge I think.
I’ll get some photos up soon. I am very excited to have this unit.

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Read a Books

Polk Printing on the Platen Press

Here are photos. Ignore the blotches on the impression, I bumped the roller, and had inky fingers.

image: print.jpg


image: practice.jpg


image: chase.jpg


image: press.jpg


Typenut: a copy is arriving on Friday! In the meantime I read up on setting up the tympan. Once I don’t have a 1 yo clamoring I’ll try some things.

To set the little No 10 it is easier with the disk and rollers off and hand inking your forme.

Use one sheet of paper folded round the bottom bale and insert 4 pieces of newsprint between the ends so the packing is 6 sheets thick, pull tight and close the top bale.

With the forme inked and test paper on the platen close the press and adjust the bed using the four corner screws on the back.

image: 37382959524_3a9eee07a5_z.jpg


Much of what is in the old Adana 8 x 5 manual would be helpful I reckon, also ‘Printing for Pleasure’ by John Ryder, if you can find a copy.

This is a Sigwalt manual unfortunately it does not cover adjusting the impression screws.

Thank you for this!
The book arrived and is a wonderful read. Thanks for the advice as well. The rubber washer that allows the chase to be angled is all rotted. I’ll replace it.