Starting a letterpress home business in Australia

Hello, I am new to this community and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice. After four years since purchasing my Chandler & Price Letterpress, I have finally taken the plunge and have decided to launch a letterpress business from my garage. I am in the process of completing a business plan and when I came to the suppliers list and price points I got a little stuck. I am an Australian, who resides in Queensland. I have noticed that most supplies may need to be purchased from overseas, which is fine. I would be extremely grateful if any letterpress printmakers from Australia can point me in the right direction on where and how to order supplies such as paper, envelops, ink, lead type etc. Of course, I am also happy to hear from letterpress printers from other countries as well. I have decided that I will love to use a combination of my woodcarvings with traditional type setting methods. Your assistance with this matter will be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Shannue

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For papers you cannot beat John Purcell Fine Papers here in London UK. His technical knowledge is unique in the trade. For Inks I have always ( for nigh on 60 years of letterpress) used the ”Original Linseed Oil range” from T.N. Lawrence of Hove in Sussex here in the UK. (wash up with turps sub or similar) Thats the same range as my printmaker Father used. Not cheap but excellent Lawrences also sell other, water based, ranges but i have no experience of them.
As for letterpress type, due to shipping costs it would be worth trying hard to find a Pacific supplier, nearest I know of is in India. There are other private presses in Aus. and N.Z. who would be glad to advise I’m sure. Theres a strong community with a long tradition of helping. Also try British Printing Society web-site.
regards The Happy Dragons Press (see web-site)

Thank you harrildplaten for your comment, and so sorry for the delayed response. It has been many years since I have returned to this platform.

So how have things worked out for you down under?