Original Heidelberg –°ylinder for letterpress or for cutting?

Help my please!
I want to buy a machine for printing posters.
I really like the Original Heidelberg Cylinder, but I can not understand whether it is suitable for printing or is a cutting machine.

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A Heidelberg cylinder press is the best you can get as long as the inking unit is still there,so many have had the inking unit removed for cutting and creasing. They have 4 inking rollers and a superb train of distribution rollers from the ink duct. Impression is brilliant and the press is a joy to work, however I speak as someone who was trained to run one

The K series Heidelberg cylinders have sheets sizes from 15x20 to 18x25 inches. The S series have sheet sizes 21x28 inches and larger. The most common K model would be the KSBA which is 18x24 (which only has three from rollers).
As noted above, many have had their inking units removed, and some were factory-built as cutters/creasers. I do see ads for Heidelberg “diecutters” that still have inking units.
There is a related discussion with metric dimensions at

Thank you very much Frank Hemmings and parallel_imp!
You helped me a lot!

Be sure that any machine that you want to use for printing has all the roller journals with it, they are hard to find if missing.

I have a 28” press for sale. Where are you? Bob