Kluge books needed

I need any books or manuals for a mid 1960s Kluge. None I found online were for my model. SN.RND126151. I think it is a 13X19. I also need a chase for it.

image: Kluge12x18.jpeg


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Try it on my Facebook Group in the Files section. I uploaded many press manuals and other interesting info on the mechanics of presses and related equipment. Kluge is is near the end of the list


how much was the press?

Thank you very much. I paid $150.00 for it. Turns over nice.

Holy Toledo, can’t beat that price! I am looking at one here in Toronto. Complete with 6 rollers, 3 chases and a foil attachment ( home made ) - serial No. 31ND136613. Clean press, but they are asking Can$4K for it. I find it a bit high.

Here is a link to a Kluge manual I just received from Edd Hickingbottom @ Sharecropper press. He has Kluges and has been very helpful to me. This manual may work for you, as Kluges are similar throughout the years. Good Luck,let me know if it works for you.

Louie it has been setting unused for about 25 years. Tanks Package Products for the link.