Seeking Deepdene type and tie-up slugs

Ad Lib Press is in search of some more foundry-cast 14-point Deepdene Roman (my current font was made by Castcraft on their foundry caster and is nice hard metal); I would like to at least double my present ca. 25lb font. I am also trying to find some 12-point “tie-up” slugs, probably Elrod-cast but having a molded groove on one face in which tie-up string fits so that the tied-up page can be handled and locked up as-is. I need these items (type and slugs) for a couple of book projects. Any thoughts?

image: tieup slug.jpg

tieup slug.jpg

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M&H has 12 and 18 point tie-up strip material and Monotype-cast Deepdene to 12 point, Thompson-cast from 14 to 48. Good luck finding real foundry-cast, unless someone in the ATF has the mats.

Unless I am missing something, (as a newbie, I most likely am) I would think that the tie-up strip could be made from some spare reglet and a saw. Rip saw would be proper to the grain of the wood.