18th Century Caslon Type

Is there a foundry that casts the above type.
Type with the Long S?

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Swamp Press Letter Foundry catalog 15 shows Caslon 337 (Mackellar) with “quaint characters” (I assume the long “s” and others) in Roman and Italic, in 14, 18, 24, 30, and 36 point “all incomplete”.

H&M (Arion Press) supplied me with mine. They also supplied Colonial Williamsburg. You might also try Quaker City, in Honeybrook PA.

H&M did supply me with quaints, tall ‘s’ sorts and IIRC, tall ‘s’ ligs as well. They should have an on line catalog.

That’s M&H. Quaints were not available in all sizes. There were a lot in one large composition size.

If you wanted real Caslon, the genuine article, you would have to chase for second-hand Stephenson Blake Caslon, mostly in the UK I reckon, The mats may well have survived in the Type Museum collection at Kennington in south London, and they do have appropriate ‘foundry’ casting machines sadly tho’ very much not operational. The mats, if there, are a National Treasure and would almost certainly not be lent out. Theres quite a bit about I used to have a little, and somebody might do you sorts loan. From those get elctrotyped mats and a friend with a Thompson Typecaster??