Sun ornament identification

I saw this ornament set at an ebay ad and I’m hoping to find out who makes the sunshine set on the left. Any info is appreciated. Thanks everyone!

image: sunshine.jpg


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They remind me of part of the Wave Ornaments, Series 9, from the Inland Type Foundry. If you could show an enlarged photo, perhaps I could identify them. There were four sizes of the “suns” and six other 3-ray ornaments.
Dave Greer

Dave is dead on- they are Inland.

Thanks Dave and The Arm NYC!!!! I will start a hunt for them now and knowing what to look for is half the battle :)

Also, seems that I should have bid on it cause it will be a tough one to find.

I’ve been trying to update the photo without success. I will keep trying. Thanks everyone!

The Wave Ornaments are shown in the 1897 specimen book of the Inland Type Foundry. This has been digitized by the University of Toronto from their copy and is online at The Internet Archive at:

The showing is on the page numbered 260 (but it is image 150 in the downloadable PDF).

It’s also online at the Silver Buckle Press (owned by the Univ. of Wisconsin and now at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum):

David M.

Cheeky: Don’t give-up on finding some of these ornaments. I, recently, went to John Barrett’s shop, in Chicopee, MA, and he had hundreds of boxes of type and ornaments, on display. I don’t know where you are located, but it might be worth a trip on your next vacation. He is open only on alternate weekends and you would have to check his site to find the next date. Search “Letterpress Things.” You might not find a complete set, but sorts might be there. I have incomplete sets of Series 9 & 10, in my cut boxes, but they are part of the book that I published, in 1976. My suggestion is to find the page in David M.’s reference and have a cut made of the specific size that you may want. Good Luck!

Dave Greer

Thanks David M.! I will keep a copy of the specimen book for future reference. I appreciate it!

Dave Greer: I will definitely not give up on trying to find them. I’m really stubborn. And I’m dying to make a trip to John’s shop but as of today, I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the experience. I don’t even have my press with me so I have no clue on what I’m doing. I’m buying the supplies and getting ready for when it arrives. :) I’m already addicted. It will be a pricey hobby but no regrets.

I have several table top presses. Let me know what you are looking for.