Wood Type Identification

Any help would be appreciated in identifying this wood type. No makers mark on any of the letters. I have an almost complete font. Can anyone give me the font name, possibly makers name and how these pieces are properly used? Age?Seems that some letters have the elongation on top while others have it on bottom to act as an underscore. The type is 120pt. by approximately 4 1/2” in length.
Thanks in advance!!

image: FA651F9A-8898-430E-926C-B32989ADBDDE.jpeg


image: C0D0DBF4-FBF3-4010-BDB6-2DD9AB5EBA11.jpeg


image: 6902339E-697A-46B9-9C36-05C03A8B1B80.jpeg


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Those are the capital letters to Hamilton’s Number 227. The capital at the bottom of the top photo is an inverted ‘G’. The smaller caps, which were used with those large ones, were a different design, but you could use any other face that might complement those larger ones.The original small caps were 1/2 the size of the large initial caps.
About the time that Hamilton acquired Morgans & Wilcox, any fonts, cut at M&W, did not have a maker’s mark, from my observations. Here is a photo of Hamilton’s 1899/1900 specimen book.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/27185059407/in/dateposted/
Dave Greer

Thanks for the info Dave. Quick and accurate as always!!