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Wood Type Identification3 Dec 23
Wood Type Identification3 Dec 23
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Anytime 9:00am till 11:00pm. 13 Jan
Anytime 9:00am till 11:00pm. 13 Jan
I will gladly help you with best ways...10 Jan
Thank you Paul! Do you know of any...4 Dec
BTW here is pic of the lower case...22 Dec
Thanks Darrell I knew it was an...22 Dec
I have about 75 sticks in stock from 20...29 Oct
I have plenty of the hempel style keys...2 Jul
Bunch of very similar letters but...25 Apr
I’ve attached photo to show internal...7 Feb
Thanks again. The specimen will make it...7 Feb
Dave It is 18pt. I’m currently...6 Feb
Thanks to all the members who provided...3 Feb
I have at least a few complete fonts...16 Dec
If Darrell is correct I do have the...7 Nov
Various foundries cast similar pieces....2 Nov
Yes these appear to be part of a...1 Nov
If you decide to try practicing with...22 Jul
Butch is correct. Based on your photo...3 May
I have a bunch of chases for 3 x 5...2 May
Well said Rick!!!28 Apr
Well said Rick!!!28 Apr
Think you got that wrong Scott. The 1/2...25 Apr
No place to talk politics!! Half the...24 Apr
Sent you a reply over on your...19 Apr
Anyone wanting to use “bobby pins”...18 Apr
Thanks to the entire Briarpress...3 Apr
FYI I have all types of spacing...16 Feb
If you have a need I have one of these...28 Jan
I have everything in stock that you...29 Dec
I’m not a mechanic so I cannot give...29 Dec
I have a Kelsey Exselsior at another...29 Dec
I have stock of a few used original...29 Dec
I have everything you need for...20 Dec
I have many different fonts of both new...17 Dec
I have stock of a few used original...30 Nov
We used Spherekote sheets on our offset...12 Nov
If anyone needs I have a font of...8 Nov
Dave Thanks for the great information...16 Apr
For what it’s worth I have brought...27 Oct