5x8 kelsey, what model?

This press frozen in time…the block printing is advertising a show at beverly hills haberdashery 1967, but I expect the press is older. I have some old papers that were padding the print surface. Any opinions on identification and value?

SF Bay Area

image: IMG_1541.jpg


image: IMG_1540.jpg


image: 97D0C8DA-6736-413A-ABCB-8CA78DDFFFAB.jpeg


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that press is the fist of the new design. someone may know better 1902-1917 .

approx value?
I’d like to list it in classified

Not large market for these in sf bay…so I’ll sell somewhat below value


as is 125.00-150.00, to make it usable is going to take 300.00 and some time. if you feel like shipping click my name.

thanks so much all for your input. I’ll list for $150 sometime next wk, but don’t have the time to ship anywhere out of the area