Monotype thin space cutter question?

Hi all, I’ve managed to get a Monotype Thin Space Cutter where a strip of lead is loaded in from the top, a handle is repeatable turned and thin cut spacing emerges. I am however trying to find out what angle the blade is sharpened to in order to best cut through lead.

Any help would be great, an image even better.

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If your talking about what i think are you have an incredibly rare machine.

I think there are only another two or three around.

Can you pull the blade and measure the current angle?

I have a .pdf copy of the Monotype drawing for the knife blade, if this can help, let me know where to send it.


There are lots of these around. I have one, St Bride printing workshop has one, the Type Archive has one, my pal John Davies had one and I bought another at a sale last year for my friend Chris Brinson. There was also one for sale at a print shop clearance in east London last year. Not so rare as you may think…

Perhaps more of a rarity in the US.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press