Restored Cropper Charlton & Co Peerless No.1 (8” x 5”) Problems

I posted a few months ago about a Cropper Charlton & Co Peerless No.1 (8” x 5”) I purchased that needed a lot of TLC. Original post here:

I cleaned, stripped and repainted the press, bought new rollers and I’m currently remaking the feed board and drawers. Unfortunately after reassembling it, it is still having some teething problems.

Here are a few of the problem areas, these were also present before I started restoring the press:
– The pedal is hitting the floor/the press needed to be raised for clearance. (Still to acquire planks for raising)
– The rollers trucks are rolling off a section of the rails then sticking out/not springing back on to the rails
– There is a thud halfway through the cycle that comes from one of the back pistons (for a lack of a better description)

The previous owner seemed to have been trying to sort the roller issues by adding wooden blocks in front of the springs and screwing a strip of metal into the back of the arms between the two end rods of the roller hooks, I’m guessing to keep them on a more straight path as currently sometimes the hooks turn/slip off.

I’ve uploaded a few images/videos here for a look over:[email protected]/albums/72157669855866118

Appreciate any advice that may help resolve these issues.


image: BeforeAfter.jpg


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Take the springs and roller rods out and give them all a good cleaning and look for any nicks in the metal that could cause the rods to bind up when retreating back into the frame.

The treadle problem can be solved by runner underneath the feet of the press. But you might have a treadle connecting rod that’s too long for the press. Have you tried disconnecting the treadle and running the press that way to see if that noise goes away?

Also on the noise… do you notice any cracks/welds/repairs in that area?


3 possibilities for rectification ! (maybe) looks suspiciously like a broken tooth in the gear drive train, giving momentary loss of motion and clonk, etc. last shot left side 11 o,clock (ish)
Repaired here U.K. by brazing (bronze welding) small section atop the broken tooth, and re-contouring by hand & brain.

Treadle pedal hitting the floor,! look/inspect carefully, where the *con rod* connects to the foot pedal, the law of averages usually implies that there has to be some form of threaded adjustment? Jacking up the body should be the last option, maybe the original *con rod* was worn out at the EYE/HOOK and re-manufactured without have sight of original.

Roller hooks, (non alignment) possibly first step, either purchase set of Nylon, Paxolin, or Fibre washers and place between the Trucks and Hooks to take up lateral movement, to keep the hooks in the same vertical plane, and keeping the trucks atop the rails at the same time.
If all else fails sections from the flat sides of one gallon *plastic* cans make an excellent source for washers, ad infinitum.
Nylon washers + a few specks of graphite (Linotype Space Band lubricant, OR ground up pencil lead = same animal,s) give excellent friction free action to the rollers, not quite as good as ball bearing trucks, + a little Rosin between the trucks and the tracks, all make for improved inking.??
Good Luck.