Does anyone know what press this is?

I looked through the list of presses with levers and I couldnt find it. I think its a 4x6 but i want to make sure im measuring the correct thing im a bit new to this. I got it at a flea market for $50 so im not into it for much. Other than the tray for the ink it doesnt seem to be missing anything. The bearings for the rollers are in terrible shape and the rollers themselves are there but not in the best shape.

image: 1.jpg


image: 5.jpg


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Heres a few more pictures I took from different angles. I also made a mock up of what I think the ink plate should look like. Not sure about the size but it fits between the rollers if theres any other considerations I should take into account when making the plate let me know. The press has this weird lever on it that I picture below that scrapes the bottom of the ink plate anyone know why thats there?

image: ink plate size mock up

ink plate size mock up

image: Does anyone know what this does?

Does anyone know what this does?

image: 2.jpg


image: 6.jpg


Brent I can’t tell you what the press is but we all know what that weird lever is.
That is the ink disk advance lever.
Most ink discs have a sawtooth pattern on the bottom that the lever falls into and kicks the disc forward with every pull of the handle.
I’ll bet Platen Printer will know exactly what press it is
Nice press and I really like the clear, one off ink disc.

This may be of use.

Thanks I had a feeling it was for the ink disk advance but I wasnt sure I may have to try to find a way to make it work again when I make the final ink disk. It is very similar to the one in that link but not the same so maybe a different model. It has the numbers on it like that model and the same feet but the Favorite is only painted on there are no markings other than the numbers cast onto it anywhere. It also has a different handle and it looks like the mold they made their parts from was a different shape than this one but they are all in the exact same configuration. I also measured the chase with a pair of digital calipers and I got 4.5x6.13