Sigwalt 6x9

I bought a Sigwalt w/ stirrup handle from ebay stating that it was a 6x9. When I found a 6x9 chase for it, however, it was too small. the platen measurements are 7.5”x10.5”. Is that the size of chase I need to be looking for? Never heard or seen one that size.

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Finding a chase is going to be tuff, it will need to be made.
you need to measure by chase holder.
in the common square base number 5 Sigwalt
there was 2 sizes over the model run I know of.
size in side rail to rail was 10.5 or 10.75

I found one that fits perfectly. Problem now is that the chase bed doesn’t have any kind of lock mechanism for it. It just has two small protruding buds on both sides, which ofcourse the chase doesn’t have holes for….:/

before I had a mill I would just tack a couple wedges on side of chase box I made. that is if the chase fits between pins.

if chase is wider than pins you will need to grind a channel with a dremel tool. so it will slide over pins wedging it to the bed.

image: chase004.jpg


On the inside of each rail should be a pin (the protruding buds you’ve referred to). On the L & R outside edges of the chase should be a singular ear that is wedge shaped. (same is true on a Golding except its’ chase has 2 smaller ears on each side) There are no holes in the chase that the pins fit into. When the chase is slid down and parallel to the bed of the press, the wedge shaped ears slide into & under the pins keeping the chase in place. This & gravity is sufficient to lock the chase in place. On some table tops, there is a clamp which locks down onto the top of the chase, but not on the Sigwalts.

making one to match a sigwalt is not going to be easy with out a mill, you can do it yourself mark the pin position and file or grind test fitting as you go. here is a sigwalt and one I cut you do not need to remove all material to work.

image: CIMG1859.JPG


Cool thanks. I had someone drill into the chase which works. Still have to add thin plate as shimmies. Will see if I can have him try your idea. Much appreciated. I am now having trouble with only half my prints coming out, hoping platen itself isn’t uneven.