Inks for printing coasters

I am planning on printing coasters on a C&P Pilot press for the first time and was wondering what kind of inks would be best for this job: rubber based, oil based, any additives … ?

I appreciate your suggestions.

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I use oil based ink Van Son SonaPrint or CML.

Soy based inks are the best. They are so much better for the environment.

I have also had someone inquire as to the printing of coasters. Where can you purchase them? I live in the area of Cleveland, Ohio.

Thank you for your pricing inquiry. We do sell blank coasters, they are
available in 3.5” and 4”, Round or Square, white or natural stock. The
price varies based on the stock weight, prices are as follows:Light Weight
(approx 35pt) $10.40 per thousand Medium Weight (approx 60pt) $12.48 per
thousand Heavy Weight (approx 80pt) $15.60 per thousand Shipping is
additional. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or to
place an order.

Thank you,
Kathy Cafarella ext 269
Customer Service Coordinator
American Coaster Company
[email protected]
1-888-423-8628 or
Fax: 716-731-4138

This was the contact I had. Great people, easy to deal with, I’ve been really happy buying coasters from them.

Updated. Soy based inks are the best. They are so much better for the environment.

I thought that the heavy metals found in pigments were the issue with environmental toxicity. What pigments are used in soy inks?

Thank you for sharing your experiences with different inks for printing on coasters. I am mostly concerned about a solid and even ink coverage of larger areas. Is this an issue at all? What would you suggest to do if the ink doesn’t stick properly and has a ‘grey’ appearance?

I have a Rider Roller on my Windmill when I print a larger area of coverage and it eliminates a ghosting on the return trip.

What press are you using?

I am using a C&P Pilot press.

I think any ink would be appropriate, though I’ve heard that rubber based ink is the most waterproof. Does anyone know what the best coaster weight is for a tabletop platen?