Platemaking Guides & Troubleshooting Info

Hope these may help.
I can post some more information here if this is of interest.

image: Kodak Processing Chart 2017_Page_1.jpg

Kodak Processing Chart 2017_Page_1.jpg

image: Kodak Processing Chart 2017_Page_2.jpg

Kodak Processing Chart 2017_Page_2.jpg

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Appreciate the thought. Hard to read. Perhaps post a link to the information.

I second that thought.

Is Miraclon still available….were problems a coupla years ago….also MacDermid have useful technical sheets re polymer platemaking too.

Miraclon is not the same line it was when made by OHKA in Japan. It is now distributed by Kodak and the durometers and calipers are a bit different. No more MS145 or HX145.

Thanks for info //

If anyone wants to know about four-way powdering with dragons blood just let me know.