Adana TP 48 & 71 Information

I am looking for operational and technical information on the TP 48 & 71 motorized Adana Presses. Factory operational manuals, specifications, assembly drawings etc,.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, Are you still looking? We have a TP 48 for sale.

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I have the operating Manuels for the TP 47 & TP48 and the P70 & P71.
What is it you are trying to find out ? And where are you?

Is there an easy method, or trick, of mounting the rollers on a P71? It is always a struggle for me!

The Adana P71 is similar to the later version of the T/P48 having 3 rollers, 2 under a saddle and 1 under a hook. The press is normally run with the two rollers under the saddle and the third is only put on for large formes or if printing a large solid area.

Turn the flywheel by hand until the roller arm is roughly horizontal and put the first roller on under the one end of each saddle. Then pull the saddle out on one side until the second roller can be slipped in and then pull out the other saddle to get the other end of the roller in. Similar to how you might put the rollers on an 8x5

If the third roller is to go on push the roller arm forward from the back to slip one side of the roller in and do the same on the other side pushing the arm forward so the hook comes out enough to slip the end of the roller underneath.

Had a bit of finger trouble and posted twice

Page 6 of the T/P48 manual has some information

Thanks for the comments on mounting rollers. If I’m honest, I guess most of the trouble stems from old age - don’t have the strength in my fingers I once had!