Boustrophedon writing

I’ve just been reading about Boustrophedon writing, a very early form of text that was written from right to left, then left to right in the next line, with the letters reversed, then back to right to left, so that the reading eye would move back and forth continually reading. This concept made me wonder whether anyone has ever made reverse metal type, i.e. type that would print backwards. With some of this type I could make letterpress boustrophedon. Cool.

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There was reverse type made to print by transfer for certain label printing equipment. It is usable on standard letter presses as well.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

I think your best bet is doing it by photopolymer…check out

9 metre accordian book printed on a Columbian….hand written text scanned…reversed for printing negative using indesigner or illustrator….polymer plates made. Very nice to be the collaborative twchnician printer.

L. Following may be of interest.! Some time ago and still ongoing, reproducing Type (over and above, that which we can cast on the Monotype) not from Hot Metal but with Plastic faced, Hardwood mounted base.
Exact facsimile,s of Poster Type/Wood Letter from the last gasp stand, before the *Demise*??

The method, (fortunately) in contact with a Gent locally, who,
(A) speaks the Typographical Language and

(B) owns and uses dedicated Type Setting system, linked to a Laser Cutter.

Have had Cut (laser cut) several fonts, so far, from 48 Pt. to 72 Pt. (6 line) in Gill Sans & Rockwell. from 1/8” thick Perspex.

Because the Laser cuts perfectly slab sided characters, 100% reversible, can be mounted back to front? almost by default.

At the time of the first *cutting* had very interesting/unusual conversation, i.e. reverse reading etc.

Author, during Conscription, U.K. (Draft-Stateside maybe) attended THE Monotype School in London, and had an insight into Arabic & Hebrew (Monotype based), not only upside down and back to front delivery, but Upside Down and Back to Front delivery & reversed AGAIN. ??

Good Luck. Mick.

At one time I had a font of a ‘reverse’ face. I think it was a rather boring typeface…something like a typewriter. I was told it was used for printing on the back side of transparent stock.