Nick-less Italic Hand Type

I have a font of angle body italic type. Some of the letters do not have a nick and are milled differently on the side for the next letter. There’s plenty of the angled spacers and pieces to square the ends. Is there another piece to help lock these letters in tight?

The other angled body fonts around are not like this.

Stymie Black Italic #599, 24 pt

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Hello Druck, some photographs would come in handy hereā€¦

A few ramblings from a U.K. perspective (only) Re angled body Type, and (author) have both style,s on sight, mainly as an aid to helping the New Devotees.

Used here generally for Wedding and Christening invites, with the obligatory R.S.V.P. bottom right corner.!

The 2 main style,s Were/Are MONOTYPE Palace Script, & MOULDTYE Palace Script. never interchangeable because the Monotype was cast on a basically square body, that actually terminated under the Face and cranked to support the actual ascenders and descenders.

The spaces/spacers for mid line-mid word were/are in the order of quads, nuts, thicks, mids & thins, all cranked on the top to present, what would be shoulder height, in ordinary type, the means to support *swash* characters.?

As observed above, there are usually beginning and ending, dedicated spaces, to bring the cranked bodies back to standard square spacing.

With Monotype Palace script there was/is only One alignment for the respective size(s)

Again and generally, MOULDTYPE, Palace Script, Was/Is the style that employs the completely Hooked Body, with inter word spacing, with dedicated starting and ending spaces to revert to standard square spacing, BUT slight anomaly with Mouldtype, P/S. there is more than one Alignment on the Same face with the same body size, identified by 2/3 different alignment lines Ploughed into the rear of the body, opposite the *nick* Why was never established?

Apologies if the above is irrelevant, but offered in good faith.

I will get some pics and post soon.

Thanks for education Mick.

It’s only with the Caps, and not all. There’s a few A’s with the nick and more without. I think it was just with the A, F, L, P, V, W letters. I don’t think it’s two different makers, mixed together.

Hard to see from the pics. The ones with nicks are like other ATF type (Park Ave, Cheltenham) with the angled body. Those without nicks are not rounded, but cut at angles. It must be to adjust for kerning for certain letters. Or something else, that will make me feel really dumb. oy

image: Nick2.JPG


image: Nick1.JPG


I don’t have this face in 24 but in my fonts of 60 and 72 pt. the mortised characters do not have nicks but the rest of the font does have nicks. Yes, they were intended to fit tighter with other characters, what computer type setters improperly call kerning.
So many characters, particularly A, T, W and V were cast with mortices or the mortices were cut.

Thanks John. Must just need to be careful when locking up to keep things in line.