Krause Printing Press

What is this?

Looks a little bit like a litho press but it’s very strange…
Judging by the Howard nameplate in one picture, I can only assume that the Howard Iron Works team knows exactly what this is. Anyone else have any input?

Thank you.

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This is a die-cutting machine, as you can see from the Karl Krause catalog. The full 500-pages catalog can be consulted here, on the website of Drukwerk in de Marge:

image: KarlKrauseMachines 239.jpg

KarlKrauseMachines 239.jpg

Thomas is correct albeit the scan is of a slightly older model. This one offered was built in 1924. It’s obsolete and extremely dangerous to use. The punch was used with what we call Hi-Dies and could blank out envelopes, boxes and labels. However the bespoke dies are extremely expensive - custom built and can be as much as EUR1,500. We sold this back in 1982 so I’m dating myself!