Mysterious platenpress

Luckily I got my hands on this beauty. Unfortunally, I dont know its history… Do anyone know something about this press? Its located in Norway. I Found a Minerva Cato with the same disk system
and one unidentified press in Germany, that looks like a sister to it.

I cross my fingers for an enlightment on this press..

Best regards

Marit Brandsnes

image: From the front

From the front

image: Right side

Right side

image: Left side

Left side

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Hi Marit, These were made by lots of German builders. Most popular is Emile Kahle and Perfect. We have 3 or 4 of this type in our stock. If it’ is Kahle then there would have been a nameplate on front base (under platen) or on the ink duct cover. Nice press congratulations.

Check out the documentation section of our website, Drukwerk in de Marge. I presume you’re in Europe, more chance of finding your information there. And, as Nick said, most probably a German-built press.

Marit, I have (almost) exactly the same press in my shop. It is a Hogenforst, made in Leipzig Germany. Type is Diamant. These are rare : only few found on the net with square inkdisk. Mine is in pretty good condition.

image: Hogenforst.jpg


Here is the link to the catalogue of Hogenforst, scroll down and you’ll find your machine: