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vfd is needed in speed related...19 Jan
You need a phase converter not VFD 18 Jan
other than cleaning pump top and...30 Nov
Not sure I follow the question...30 Nov
Hi Sue, the number is stamped and...26 Oct
Hi Sue, these are copies of the new...26 Oct
Actually in your case grease or liquid...17 Oct
Baffed pinion and cam gear. If you...16 Oct
the top photo (double gear) is a...31 Aug
No need for such complications. Any 30...16 Mar
the break is minor and more cosmetic...28 Feb
Not sure where you are. But look for a...27 Feb
motor specs, 2 1/2 HP at 208 VAC single...13 Jan
sure is. We have one. made in Bautzen...5 Jan
collar is bad. Sometimes you cannot...19 Dec
Hi David, I'd suggest working through a...17 Oct
Easier. Make sure the platen is in a...12 Sep
Hi Scott. The casting which holds the...9 Sep
the gripper assembly, (which holds both...1 Sep
I really doubt you need to spend any...27 Jul
springs are usually weak, HDM used to...27 Jul
TESA tape, rubberized. Any bindery will...26 Jul
Hi Jack, Good luck with the press. If...24 Jul
what you have now is simply an Offset...21 Jul
i'd love to have them for our museum....13 Jun
the gripper bar assembly is on a...15 May
Glad you found it. The nameplate is the...1 May
Hi Bob, Ours is 9 x 12" and serial...30 Apr
Looks like a Jones Lightening to me....30 Apr
sure here are a few,28 Apr
the serial # is on the center edge of...28 Apr
looks a lot like a Jones Lightning made...28 Apr
You are missing the fountain, or if you...21 Apr
There is a small article about the...21 Apr
Hi Tiegel fan. Your press # 31546E is...21 Apr
Bob is correct. Its a Westman & Baker...23 Jan
almost forgot , NO central lubrication...18 Sep
no inker wash-up, no drop away fountain...18 Sep
hi Paul, that pulley design was made to...17 Aug
we just stripped two Colts for parts in...23 Jul