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Rare German Platen hand-fed presses coming...6 Jun 19
Harris E1 Restoration completed26 Mar 19
Mercedes Glöckner press from 19548 Feb 19
Columbian Iron Eagle 31 Jan 19
Mind your p’s and q’s13 Dec 18
Mind your p’s and q’s13 Dec 18
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Colt's Armory press ca 18881 Jun 18
C. Potter Jr. Country Press, ca. 186530 Apr 18
Welding cast Iron Service21 Dec 17
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not the same material. Developed during...23 Mar
Suluminum: a compound devised in...22 Mar
Suluminum: a compound devised in...22 Mar
Its German also has/had an...11 Mar
Well done Steve! A creative and clever...1 Mar
these were for "composition rollers"...17 Dec
it isn't structurally different except...15 Sep
have you tried google? Jardine platen...14 Sep
Just noticed the ``N`` suffix. That...11 Sep
Perhaps I can clarify. GTK has an...11 Sep
Some historical background, which may...25 Aug
a quick background which may be of...25 Aug
a few things to keep in mind: The keys...29 Jul
our museum has a MAN-NEN caster...2 Jul
1840 to 1850 range. we have similar in...2 Jun
any auto paint supply or industrial...23 May
Rubber rollers: Scotchbrite, and...22 May
we have this exact one. unfortunately...1 May
guide and stop (for two-up attachment...7 Apr
that feature on the chase is important...25 Jan
we have a restored Colts: also with a...24 Dec
that's not a Horizontal. Horizontal is...21 Oct
there is a set screw on the main shaft....23 Sep
Some info you haven't shared, such as...25 Jul
We can't thank you all, including Steve...27 Mar
thank you to everyone that has seen and...26 Mar
How about you search for book...12 Mar
if you're loosing pressure, good chance...10 Mar
Good luck with the restoration. We did...4 Mar
glad the info was helpful Louis.11 Feb
That’s a German made Glöckner10 Feb
I believe you are correct...9 Feb
103801/E is .918" type height, (E) and...9 Feb
Understood, If I was faced with this...8 Feb
Hi Thomas, I saw that, alas although...8 Feb
these may have been a "new Departure"...8 Feb
Here is the little princess8 Feb
Good point. Should have mentioned that....1 Feb
sure will go through a door, take of...10 Dec
Thomas is correct albeit the scan is of...8 Dec