Kelsey 5x8 Model P - Chase Bed - 3D Printing/CNC

Hello everyone,

I am new in the letter press and I just acquired an incomplete Kelsey Model P. I am restoring the press but I need a chase bed. I already went to all websites recommended here in this site and I contacted several people. No luck :( So I decided to make one, using a 3D printer and later use a CNC (I have access to those machines in my maker space). Now, here is where I need help. Can someone, please take pictures, measurements of the bed chase, so I can recreate it on Autocad? Better yet, can some trace the outline of the bed chase from all sides? and send me by mail or as pdf If everything works fine, I will be happy to share the file with the community.

Thanks and Happy new year

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I admire your willingness to try and make it.
reproducing these original cast parts with a mill is not a easy task. the model U will also fit. If you want a 100.00 and shipping I can send you the chase bed. if you really want sizes that could be arranged to.
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image: CIMG1971.JPG


Happy to provide measurements.

We should all agree on a hashtag on Thingiverse for letterpress parts.

I would take Todd up on his offer though far easier

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