Mercedes Glöckner press from 1954

HIW museum has completed this rare Dutch version on the German classic. Actually I quite like running it. Odd press with much of the makeready opposite to considered norms.

image: B14857DA-54D6-4299-B8D9-B0DCB13575BE.jpeg


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Here is the little princess

image: 3CE1A141-245F-4E1F-8523-58822B34FD5B.jpeg


Congratulations! A few weeks ago, another one came up free to pick up on our website (Drukwerk in de Marge). There are still a few of them around here in the Netherlands.

Hi Thomas, I saw that, alas although same make had some differences in delivery bar. Also was missing some parts for printing. Thank you for thinking about us.

Do I recall that there was a UK built pirated copy of the original? I have a vague memory of a railway arch on the south bank of the Thames in London, not too far from
London Bridge. Southwark Street was it? its all a very long time ago, maybe they had a proper license … anyone remember?

I believe you are correct Harrildplaten. As late as 1962 Frank Pershke (later merging with Price service- PPS), sold a “Titan”. Glockner. But somehow I doubt it was British made.

The treasurer of our association Drukwerk in de Marge owns a Mercedes as well. And it’s still in regular use.

That’s a German made Glöckner