Roller issues with new C&P 10x15

Hi all,
I finally got my platen leveled but now I am having issues with the rollers being uneven! They dont touch the ink disc on one side, so 1/3 of my rollers remain uninked, but the rollers are quite tight on the other side. The result is that on one side the ink coats my entire deep relief base, which is a nightmare of a mess. I cannot for the life of me figure out if there is a way to adjust the arms that hold the rollers. Any pro tips?

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Two possibilities. 1) The ink disc support is badly out of line. I believe it has a couple of bolts holding it to the frame. 2) Something, sy, dirt or dried ink or rust, is keeping the rods holding your ink rollers from sliding down inside the ink arm body.

check the springs inside the arms that they are holding the rollers tight to the rails and disk.
check the rail height.
switch your rollers end for end to see if problem stays in same place.
this after you check the square of the ink disk as mentioned above