Star Tool Mfg. Co. Job Stick

Howdy all. Would anyone know how this job stick would have been used? See attached images and thank you.


image: StarTool_JobStick_4418.jpg


image: StarTool_JobStick_4419.jpg


image: StarTool_JobStick_4420.jpg


image: StarTool_JobStick_4421.jpg


image: StarTool_JobStick_4422.jpg


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It appears to be a normal Star stick with two knees. Not sure what the thought was, but perhaps the person wanted to set two different measures at once. That would be handy for text and marginal text and examples exist elsewhere.

A better answer will no doubt be brought out by one of the more well read members of the site.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT

Possibly, corroborating Mike above, and suggesting 2 columns simultaneously, as in 2 columns of newsprint, but with added advantage *Click Stop/calibrated* in ems pica, - without the need to set positively every time. i.e. no thumb screw lock. as normal for conventional Stick, + the click stop movable jaws are maybe. 2/3/ or 4 ems wide, - possibly the *gutter* space between columns. of news print.
Just possibilities, apologies otherwise.

Stet. !

Hello Tony, I’ve got a similar stick, made in Germany and sold by the Amsterdam Typefoundry and was wondering what it could have been used for as well. Could it have been a stick used for 2-colour setting, maybe? Or tables composition? Anyone out there with the correct answer?