Poetry Submitted in 1970s

When I stilled lived in the UK in the 1970s I submitted some poems to a Mr.Pietsch of Taurus Press of Willowdene under the name of Hilary Patrick Bruno. They were “Junkies”, “Race Relations” , “Exile”(dedicated to Alexeander Solzhenitsyn), & “Terror Terrae” (something like that). Mr. Pietsch said he liked and would publish them as poster poems. I don’t recall if there were others, but in 1978 I moved with my family to Italy & all contact was lost. Also the poems have been lost in various moves. I have been informed by Elizabeth Nevin that there is a 1982 Check List. Can anybody help to trace thrace poems and tell me if they were ever published. My thanks in advance. Patrick Bygate.

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You are speaking of Paul Peter Piech. We did a show of his work not long ago here at The Arm. I am not familiar with prints of those particular pieces, but he was incredibly prolific. You may wish to check out the collection of his work at the V&A and also this publication.