Anyone have a idea what this is worth?

If anyone can help me out I will greatly appreciate it. I have two cabinets and am not sure what they are worth or what the best way would be to sell them.

1. Kessler and Wagner graphic cart/printer’s cabinet. It has 24 drawers all have full sets of printing type.

2. Forty eight drawer printer cabinet from Thompson Printing Company w/ type set top & overhang from McAbrahams Company with all drawers full of printing type and spacers.

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It depends on several things. The condition of the type, what type faces you have, the quantity, whether the cabinets are wood or metal. I am in NW Ohio. Not sure where you are, but if you can’t comfortably answer these questions and aren’t at the opposite corner of the state I would gladly come help you with identification, condition, etc.
If the type cases in each cabinet all match that is a big plus to some. Are you willing to package and ship or will it be pickup only? If you are willing to package would you sell the type and case as a unit or the type alone? If you sell the type alone not many printers will be very happy if you just dump the contents of the type case into a bag. It can damage the type and no one except a total masochist enjoys sorting pied type.